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About Ocean Fresh Inc.

Order Caviar With “Ocean Fresh Inc.”!

“Ocean Fresh Inc.” was established in 1997 with the purpose of delivering products such as black caviar, salmon roe and smoked fish to the U.S. market. All of our products are of the highest quality, and will transform an ordinary lunch or dinner into a real miracle. Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate your day and life with our caviar and fish. 

Put an emphasis on safety and quality in your life! “Ocean Fresh Inc.” delivers products that have passed all required health procedures. Since the import of fish and caviar into the U.S. was banned in 2000, we have shifted the focus of our activities to working with U.S.-based fishermen.

 We directly receive the products of the highest quality from both fishermen and fish farms, and afterwards, «Ocean Fresh Inc.» delivers these seafood products with love to our customers in order to serve their table and bring them joy.

Through constant communication, we managed to establish trust with fishermen throughout the whole country – from Alaska to Massachusetts. We also work with suppliers in California, Tennessee and other states. Going local allows us to develop unique relationships with small communities, whose produce is underrepresented in the global market. By buying from us, not only you are getting healthy produce, but you are also contributing to small businesses development. Try and find out the perks of being an “Ocean Fresh Inc.” customer! Many of our clients have already experienced the benefits of buying from us!

Salmon roe is a great source of healthy proteins. It fights anemia, boosts your immune system, cuts the risks of oncological illnesses, and keeps you looking and feeling young. Microelements in salmon roe strengthen your heart, blood vessels, and eyesight. Black caviar is an indispensable beauty product. It contains lots of collagen, responsible for nourishing smooth skin and protecting against wrinkles. Apart from that, black caviar, with its abundance in vitamins A, E, and D, as well as microelements such as phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, serves as a superb dietary compliment.

Our pricing policy is extremely flexible. We do both small and whole sales. Note that the more you order, the more of a discount you get. Orders of $200 or more get free shipping in Massachusetts. We also introduce special discounts for our VIP clients. For more information, please, visit If you order more than $500 worth of product, you will receive a free gift in the form of a high-end food surprise.

            Order “Ocean Fresh Inc.” products for members of your family or your friends! They say love is a theorem that needs to be proved every day. How do you prove love? When words are not enough to show your care, sympathy, and respect; when you want to say, “thank you for the fact that you exist”; when you want to ensure the best quality of life for dear ones, order our caviar.

Have you always been interested in learning more about or travelling to an exotic country? Why not start with a gastronomy journey right in your own kitchen? With Russian caviar delivered to your home though our superb caviar delivery program, Russia will come into your life. 

Notwithstanding the high quality of our gourmet products, we keep our pricing policy under control. We will save you money on delivery, and our sales person will explain the health benefits of salmon roe and caviar. A touch of caviar invites the smell of respectability and the delicate nuances of bohemian life. Invite the taste of affluence and freedom into your life! Order black and red caviar from our company! Black caviar and salmon roe remain all-time classics.

To customize the needs and wants of those with a previously-developed and sophisticated taste in caviar, we prepare fine refreshments such as black sturgeon caviar. Check out our website at for more information.

Show your job partners and colleagues your care and respect. They say the best presents come in small boxes. Though perhaps this phrase wasn’t originally about caviar, times are changing quickly! What remains the same is the admiration people have for high-quality products. Make yourself remembered: give a jar of caviar as a working present. The taste of food may not last, but the impression of taste, doubled by your kind effort and polished by the impeccable quality of our produce will make you a welcome guest in any company and community.

Try all the assortments that we offer, and find out the differences between Chum, King, Pink, and Coho red caviars. Close your eyes, open your heart, and you will definitely be able to tell the difference between Siberian and Hackleback black caviar.

Check out our shop for a variety of smoked fish products too! Fresh frozen paddlefish chunks for $10, sliced Paddlefish fillet, and fresh, frozen, or baked Siberian Sturgeon! Please, note that we receive the fish pre-cut, and all available assortments, including our ikra dish, is on our website. Find a solution to every need in our caviar delivery shop at

Find out more about our customer deals; if a customer purchases over $1000 in product over the course of a year, then he or she will receive a membership, which gets him or her 10% off the next order. With us, you will have the best price and quality of caviar. Enjoy shopping with us! 

Do not hesitate to become a client and benefit from our free delivery starting from $200 orders right now! 

If you have additional questions, please, contact us. Our contact information can be found at Or simply give as a call at +1(617) 590-5040! Our fax number is +1(617) 264-4300. Send us an email at, or drop by at 2001 Beacon St. Brighton MA 02135.

“Ocean Fresh Inc.” – enjoy every day!