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Ocean Fresh Inc was created with the vision of delivering products such as Black Caviar, Salmon roe, and smoked fish to the U.S. market. All of our products are farmed and packaged here in the United States, as the owner of Ocean Fresh Inc and its headquarters are situated locally in Brighton, Massachusetts. At Ocean Fresh Inc we put our clients and our employees safety and health first, sparing no expense in ensuring the most sanitized and safe workplaces. We strive to be cost effective, consistent, and highly professional. It is our goal to provide our clients with the very best in quality, delivered straight to their doorstep, yet at a cost that is comparably lower than our competitors.

In 1997 the owner began crafting the business idea of farming fish locally for Caviar and Salmon roe, among other products, along with the mass production and distribution at a much lower cost to the consumer. We have been committed to this vision ever since. Licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Ocean Fresh Inc was established in 1997 with the promise to provide quality products to every client. Ocean Fresh Inc farming procedures have been approved by state guidelines and regulations, and has successfully passed all the required U.S. health inspections. Since the import of fish and Caviar into the US was banned in 2000, we innovatively shifted the focus from our overseas farms to working with local and US based farms and fishermen. Together, we have revolutionized the farming process of Red and Black Caviar and Salmon Roe here in the US.

 Through countless days, and endless nights of constant communication we have established professional and trusting partnerships with fishermen throughout the entire country for over twenty years, stretching from Massachusetts to California. We primarily work with our supplier in Tennessee, but have built solid relationships with farms in other states as well. Farming locally within the country allows us to develop unique relationships with small businesses and its communities throughout the United States, but also allows us to deliver the best products to the entire global market. All business done with Ocean Fresh Inc supports many small businesses, and provides the healthiest produce to all parts of the country. With consumers buying directly from Ocean Fresh Inc, we are able to offer the products at a substantially lower price, and eliminate the high fees and costs that can come with the delivery of exotic foods alike.

Salmon roe is a great source of healthy proteins, having been tested and proven to fight anemia by boosting your immune system. It also lowers the risks of oncological illnesses, which can keep you looking and feeling young. Micro-elements in Salmon roe strengthen your heart, blood vessels, and eyesight. In its own respect, Black Caviar has been an indispensable beauty product for many years. It contains high volumes of collagen, responsible for nourishing and smoothing the skin; protecting against wrinkles. In addition, Black Caviar, with its abundance in vitamins A, E, and D, as well as micro-elements such as phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, serves as a superb dietary compliment.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and flexible, offering both private and wholesale sales. We are delighted to always say – “The more you order, the more of a discount you will get!” Orders of $250 or more delivered within Massachusetts receive free shipping. We always offer special discounts for our VIP clients, and repeat customers. Become a client and look for our company promo email for more info. Orders of $1000 or more will receive free delivery anywhere in the country, and a free product gift.

Only Ocean Fresh Inc provides clients worldwide with overseas produce products legally farmed and harvested here in the United States. For over ten years we have been offering a superior menu of gourmet products, keeping our pricing competitive and consistent. With every new account our clients receive personal assistance from one of our professional sales agents during normal business hours, the lowest possible delivery cost, access to our special deals and discounts, and of course the highest quality of produce. Our experienced team members are ready to provide you with assistance for your order, and can gladly explain the many health benefits of Caviar and Salmon roe. A touch of caviar invites the smell of respectability and prestige. Quality and freshness are essential to a bohemian life. Invite the taste of affluence and freedom into your life and enjoy some of our elite Black and Red Caviar, or Salmon roe today and experience the tastes of exotic fresh overseas produce farmed here in the US.

To customize the needs and wants of those with a previously-developed and sophisticated taste for caviar, we also prepare fine produce such as Black Sturgeon Caviar. Check out our website at for more information.
Make unforgettable memories by giving our products as a gift this holiday season! See our “Holiday Specials” section for incredible deals.

For the Caviar extraordinaire, try one of the many assortments that we offer and find out the differences between Chum, King, Pink, and Coho Red Caviars. Close your eyes, open your taste buds and open your heart, and you will be able to experience the differences between Siberian and Hackleback Black Caviar!

Also, search our shop for a variety of smoked fish products. Fresh frozen paddlefish chunks for $10, sliced Paddlefish filet, and fresh, frozen, or baked Siberian Sturgeon, and more! Always remember – we receive the fish pre-cut, and all available assortments, including our ikra dish, is on our website. Find a solution to every need in our Caviar Delivery Shop at

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If you have additional questions, please, contact us. Our contact information can be found at Or simply give as a call at +1(617) 590-5040! Send us an email at, or drop by at .

“Ocean Fresh Inc.” – enjoy every day our price and quality of products!

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